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Four-sided Professional Tournament Glass Court

Courtwall offers the ProView Professional dot system, a special decal treatment incorporating a ceramic double-dot system (usually blue and green over black, but other colours are available on request) that provides optimal vision for players and spectators. The technology works best if 70% of light density is focused on court area, and outside of court is less light.

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The ceramic decal dots are fused to the glass during the hardening process, creating a proper play wall surface with tension and a surface that cannot be degraded by racquets, sweat, glass cleaner, etc. It is necessary to have such a treatment applied to the glass, for players to have an accurate view of the ball while spectators are able to enjoy watching play on the court, getting a “clear glass effect”.

This all glass court is available both as permanent installed and portable model.

The portable Courtwall Innovation tournament glass court is designed with the minimum number of unique glass panels; this allows cost-effective maintenance of spares, an important factor in a court that is to be erected and demounted regularly.