Screen paint of de-reflection stripes (mainly on glass back walls) or to apply a dot system on glass play walls for budget price. The use from this technology for 4-sided glass courts is not recommended from COURTWALL®, as the visibility from outside will be very poor.


Classic ceramic dot system in two colours – the first layer to the outside of court, followed by a white layer or a colour layer to the inside of the court. 49% of the glass surface will be covered from this dots. It is important to understand that this system requires a very bright light inside the court (given from standard LED floor lights) and a down dimmed light outside the court. Why ? This system is sort of cheating the human eye. If the spectator is outside of the court looking from an darker area into the bright lighted squash court, the human eye does ignore the black dots, and it looks like clear glass.

On the other side the players in the court see the white or coloured dots like a milky colour all over the play wall. This allows to play squash without any disturbance – at any place in this world.


The latest technology for high level squash all glass courts or play walls. The latest technology of digital ceramic print allows to print 3 dots (black-white-colour) over each other. The result is giving the same “eye-cheating” effect as PPR VIEW 2 but with a very intensive colour dot inside the court resulting in optimal squash ball tracking possibilities on TV and Web.

About us

Courtwall®, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria has built over 800 squash courts around the world since 1984.  Courtwall® courts have always stood for the highest quality, functionality and the best price-performance ratio in the market.  European engineering, and the production of all components in European ISO certified factories meet the highest requirements of the most demanding customers. The Courtwall® group of companies has also operated its own squash and racket club facilities in Europe for decades and is involved in organizing large international squash tournaments such as the European Championships 2018. We know exactly what our customers expect from squash courts – and we build courts "Made for Winners!" 


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